“As it was my first time connecting with you, Anita, I feel to appreciate the deeply grounded, wise, soft energy you bring this work through with. Not to mention evident years of integrated experience of it. It’s very inspiring and brings me a great deal of hope. I have lost count of how many trauma practitioners I have asked about the dissociation and you are the first that has given me a response – and not only that, a hopeful one – yay! I have dabbled in a lot of “trauma work” and I received a number of precious gems and insights in these few hours.  – Vaishnavi, Devotional Singer and Voiceworker
Fluid Body

are accessible explorations of movement and sound, which, like Cranial Sacral Practice, supports fluid movement and the nourishment of nervous systems, fascia and tissues. It can be very supportive for people with spinal injury, fibromyalgia syndrome, CFS and ME as well as supporting general health and mobility.


Fluid Body helps restore the intuitive, sensorial nature of life and embodied experience within the context of our modern world.

These extraordinary, urgent times* require space to slow down and pause, to find ourselves once again in conversation with the earth and ground. 

Landing back into relationship with our bones and our body, might we transform the edges and confines of our habitual and familiar ways, to hear the whispers of imagination as they fly and sing with the wind?

Fluid Body is an exploration of life as an unfolding process.

An invitation towards experiential discovery as we encounter the many layers and responses of our rhythmic living systems. 

It offers ways of remembering how to locate ourselves in present time and space. Helping us land back into our body, our purpose and vitality.

Micro movements, subtle undulations, gentle rocking motions and sound resonance help re-establish connection with evolutionary movement tendencies. These subtle movements initiate wave motions through the spine and tissues, hydrating, lubricating and restoring fluid resilience throughout the whole system.

Pausing and resting allows space for the body to respond, reorganise, integrate and settle. We can learn to track, follow and trust our natural rhythms as an expression of a deeper intelligence guiding our health.

This is a resource centred enquiry that supports deep rest and innovation. Offering our bodies more space and renewed possibility. 

Individual and group sessions are currently online through zoom and Skype.

*”The times are urgent: Let’s slow down”

“Which seems like the wrong thing to do when there’s a fire on the mountain. But….in ‘hurrying up’ all the time, we often lose sight of the abundance of resources that might help us meet today’s most challenging crises.” Bayo Akomolafe

Fluid Body is inspired by my work with Angela Farmer, Jane Okondo, Cherionna Menzam-Sills, Liz Koch and Susan Harper.

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