“Let the soft animal of your body love what it loves”

-Mary Oliver, Wild Geese
Somatic Resourcing

The work is underpinned by current neuroscience which offers valuable insights on why embodiment is a key skill in learning to regulate and slow down feelings of anxiety. Why movement, attention and the engagement of our senses has the ability to transform our experience of embodiment and how we relate to the wider world.

These sessions are currently offered through Zoom and Skype.

  • These sessions are accessible body based practices that support the transformative abilities of your body.

  • We will design the nature of the session together, with an awareness of your reasons and intentions for doing this work.

  • I offer a wide range of skills and inquiry that draws on over 30 years in the field of health, self-care and somatics. Including a varied range of movement inquiry, sound and voice exploration, deep rest and resourcing, enhancement of natural breath and shock and trauma resolution.

  • These sessions are currently offered through Zoom and Skype.

Sessions might include accessible movement to strengthen your ability to ground and centre. 

Movement with awareness to help you be more present through the landing and locating of your body. 

We might use sound to help support the nervous system and support natural breathing.

These experiential sessions are relevant for anyone wanting to engage with the nature of embodied experience.

This may be of value to you either personally or professionally if you are a psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, somatic educator, bodyworker, mindfulness and yoga practitioner, teacher/therapist etc……

People work with me for many different reasons; to learn more about the body as movement; to develop self-care; to support regulation and learn how to reduce anxiety, hyper-vigilance or an activated nervous system; to learn how to safely sense and connect with their body.

Some people seek out this work because of specific health issues including pain and discomfort; for support moving through change; support with menstruality and pelvic health; support during and after pregnancy; support being with the transformation menopause brings; support connecting with the sensorial body, with sensuality and a deepening relationship with pleasure; support sensing more space and health within the body; support with intimacy.

  • I specialise working alongside people experiencing the effects of unresolved traumatic stress and post traumatic stress injury states (complex trauma and PTSD). All my work is informed by trainings on the Polyvagal Theory.
  • I believe that establishing a baseline of relational safety and stability within the therapeutic space is vital for this work, which is essentially relational in nature. Our bodies respond when we feel we are being listened-to and heard by someone we have built trust with. Autonomy, self-agency, choice, permission and self-care are explicit in building a safely held and responsive relational field.

“…….as it was my first time connecting with you, Anita, I feel to appreciate the deeply grounded, wise, soft energy you bring this work through with. Not to mention evident years of integrated experience of it. It’s very inspiring and brings me a great deal of hope. I have lost count of how many SE practitioners and other trauma practitioners I have asked about the dissociation and you are the first that has given me a response – and not only that, a hopeful one – yay! I have dabbled in a lot of ‘trauma work’ and I received a number of precious gems and insights in these few hours.”

-Vaishnavi, Devotional Singer and voice worker

Whatever your motivation, I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me for more information if you would like to explore working together.

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