In my body is a knowing as old and deep as the layers of rock beneath the ocean. Within the fluid bones of my spine are the memories of river and tides. I reach towards this knowing of wild body belonging. I am a fragment of song within this impossibly beautiful sea.


I invite you to imagine how it would feel to live in a world that values your expression, your health and your thriving wholeness alongside and within all of life.  A world that recognises difference as not only beautiful but essential for the growth and transformation of the whole community. A world that welcomes and respects you as you are, applauding and supporting your progression through life. 

Could imagining such a world breathe life into possibility?

This body of work is my offering into the re-imagining and re-membering of ourselves as collaborative, inter-relational beings. 

Consider a listening space, where together we might open to remembering who we are through the rhythms and sounds that are the language of movement and breath. A space to explore our sensorial curiosity and the potency of bio-intelligent regenerative forces. Where we might begin to meet, understand and question the tendencies of societal programming. Helping us transform embodied patterns we may have internalised from hierarchical and power-over paradigms that restrict and sever us from our felt-sense emotions, instincts and life-force energy. 

Could we imagine and co-create deep systemic health that supports the convergence of social maturity, justice and transformation as we weave ourselves back into relationship with the earth?

I’m a somatic educator and movement facilitator, engaged with the healing modalities of cranial sacral therapy, continuum movement, vocal improvisation, sounding, yoga and yoga therapy. 

I offer a resource centred approach to health that utilises body awareness practices for the re-animation and emergence of deep inner healing resources. I’ve found that engaging with the body in this way increases capacity to digest, metabolise and transform the resonance of stress and trauma, making room for feelings, pleasure, creativity and relational connection.

Anita offers individual and group sessions on zoom/skype for both personal and professional mentoring and support

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  • BA Hons nursing. Later specialising in palliative care for people with HIV and cancer 
  • Yoga Therapy with AG and Indrah Mohan 
  • 2 year yoga therapy training  with the Yoga Biomedical Trust, London
  • 2 year training at the College of Cranial Sacral Therapy 

I  have Supervision for the different aspects of my work with an Integrative Trauma Therapist (UKCP registered). 

I regularly attend continuing professional development trainings and workshops to maintain a broad, relevant and informed practice. 

Summary of Practice

I offer individual and group sessions in body- informed practices that focus resourcing as a way to restore health and vitality

I’ve facilitated learning spaces within many different settings. Offering body -wise practices for trauma and health. 

Organisations I have collaborated with include Mind, Pause and Birthlight. Offering trauma-informed practice for staff and clients.

I worked for several years at Khiron House, a centre for people experiencing complex post traumatic stress injury. It was here I met and studied with Stephen Porges (author of the Polyvagal Theory).

For several years I offered a Masterclass in mindful movement at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre for undergraduate and post graduate mindfulness teachers. I was also a consultant in the development of Mindfulness for Pregnancy and Birth in the UK.


Photograph: stuartlandart