“The primary characteristic of any fluid system is its ability to keep transforming itself”  Emily Conrad

Hello and welcome. I’m a somatic educator and movement facilitator, engaged with the healing modalities of cranial sacral therapy, continuum movement, vocal improvisation, sound shaping, yoga and yoga therapy. 

I offer a resource centred approach to health that utilises body awareness practices for the re-animation and emergence of deep inner healing resources. I’ve found that engaging with the body in this way increases capacity to digest, metabolise and transform the resonance of stress and trauma, making room for feelings, pleasure, creativity and relational connection.

“I have known Anita for many years and experience her as one of those rare beings that seem to come from a very deep and ancient place. She emerges from the depths of herself, her inner exploration, training and journeys with experience, warmth and a profound natural healing talent.
Living in different countries it is rare that I benefit from her amazing cranial work, but each time I have had the good fortune to experience her hands, the shifts and release, the dissolving of pain and discomfort have been miraculous!
 Yoga and Cranial sacral work are intimately connected. Anita brings them now to a wider public and what a blessing!” 

Angela Farmer 

Photograph: stuartlandart